Web Site Traffic Reporting & Analysis

Icronex staff members have been actively involved in the traffic analysis of top tier web sites, assessing properties managing over 12 million page views per day. This expertise includes path analysis, referrals, spiders, search engine rankings, directory listings, browser and computer surveys, and so much more.

Understanding who comes to your web site, from where, and what they do when they get there are crucial to evaluating whether your web projects are attaining your business goals.

Traffic logs identify who is visiting your site, what they are doing when they get there, where they came from, and how long they stayed. Some ISP services come with robust traffic reporting. If yours doesn’t, get one that does.

Knowing where people leave can indicate interface or navigation challenges. Knowing which words visitors use to find your web site on a search engine can help you tweak your marketing <meta> tags. The traffic logs hold a wealth of information that can help you improve the overall quality of your site.

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