Search Engine Optimization

The search engine specialists at Icronex can optimize your site for specific keywords and engines so that it will rise through the ranks. Our site referencing service ensures that your site can be found on relevant industry pages and directories all over the Internet.

Incorporating search engine friendly design and content strategies will improve your search engine rankings and drive more traffic to your site. Optimization is the practice of refining and reworking individual HTML pages and graphic files in order to facilitate a search engine’s spider software to evaluate your web site’s contents as more applicable to certain keywords and categories.

This includes optimizing titles, meta tags, alt tags, comments, and file names to add an increase in rankings. Elimination of frames is performed. Individual pages are tweaked for more specific phrases. Keyword density is measured and improved where possible. Site architecture is evaluated and reworked to assist the spiders in listing every page of your site. Many other proprietary tasks are done, all with the achievement of a higher ranking score as the goal.

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