Search Engine Marketing

Our search engine specialists can optimize your site for specific keywords so that it will rise through the ranks. Our site referencing service ensures that your site can be found on relevant industry pages and directories all over the Internet.

Many internet marketing companies talk about optimizing web pages by simply adding meta tags. Many search engines, however, don’t rely on meta tags at all. Some use complicated tables that classify and count the frequency of words and their relationships; others rate links to your site. Some prioritize the first 120 words of actual viewed content. Others utilize keyword densities per page. Most use a combination of some or all of these attributes.

Other internet marketing companies claim that submitting sites to search engines guarantees placement which often isn’t the case. In fact paying Yahoo $300 does not guarantee that they’ll even list your site, let alone rank it favorably, and once it’s in the directory, unless you consciously make substantive changes regularly, you’re pretty much going to have to live with its placement where it is.

As part of our philosophy, we do not use cloaking software and we do not develop individual doorway or gateway pages specifically developed for travel by a specific search engine’s spider. As the search engines continually change their ranking formulas, these doorway pages will continually need updating, costing you more in the long run. We believe in constructing high quality content pages specific to your keyword preferences, which are in the long run, easily sustainable.

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