eStrategy: Web Strategy Consulting

The most important aspect of being successful on the web relates to defining your goals and objectives before you invest heavily in your web site. Key to this is establishing up front measures of success, understanding your industry, and creating an appropriate tactical response to your market.

eMarketing: Internet Marketing / SEO / SEM

Marketing your site involves all of the activities that drive traffic to your web site. Keys to success include formulating a marketing strategy, executing upon that plan, and finally evaluating the success of your initiatives. To help with this, Icronex provides traffic reports, search engine rankings, source referrals, and other data. With this information, your initial plan is regularly revisited to see how close the goals are to being accomplished. Breaking your long term web strategy into smaller, more quantifiable projects is our process for ensuring success.

Once your site is launched, Icronex can help plan and implement an on-line marketing strategy to generate targeted traffic to your web site. We can provide a broad spectrum of internet marketing services to introduce new web site brands and drive traffic. This service initially includes a detailed on-line marketing strategy and schedule. Icronex staff can implement individual components on a monthly basis.

Customer Support

Icronex provides a wide array of customer support solutions to manage your clients’ needs throughout the sales cycle at an affordable price.

  • 24/7 Live Chat Service
  • Email Support
  • Phone Support / Telephone Call Center Support Service

Icronex provides complete solutions and expertise in the following areas:

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